Universe Engine

Revolutionary software engine and toolchains for mobile extended reality

Universe Engine is built from the ground up for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality experiences and games leveraging the increasing capabilities of mobile Extended Reality devices.

High Quality RENDERING

High quality rendering on mobile hardware with Metal, Vulkan and DirectX


Everything in the engine is a job. All jobs run in parallel utilising to the best Arm's big.LITTLE multi-threaded architecture. 


Universe is highly optimized to render content at high frame rates without frame drops.


Low power is our DNA. With the optimized Universe Engine parallel architecture we deliver unmatched battery life.

Focus on performance

- Achieve high frame rate on extended reality mobile devices
- Developed from the ground up and thus not hindered by legacy tech/architectures

- Optimized for mobile GPUs

Utilizing SIMD (ARM NEON) for maths and physics


- Vulkan, Metal and DirectX renderers

- PBR rendering

- Multiple dynamic lights

- Shadow mapping

- Baked lightmaps

- specular materials

Designed for multi-core

- Multi-threaded Job system leveraging Arm's big.LITTLE architecture

- Scale to fully utilize multi-core

- Reduce load to minimize use of large cores

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